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How to dress

Clothing depending on the season, always bring a windbreaker for the cooler hours (early morning or evening), a spare swimsuit, towel, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Sports shoes ideally with clear soles, closed shoes in the cold months or slippers for the summer will do just fine.



The lake having a limited extension does not allow the waves to form in an important way so you will hardly suffer from seasickness but if you are part of those lucky few the rules to follow are the following:
Before going out on a sailing boat it is preferable to have a breakfast based on salty foods. It is important to eat little and not to overeat to avoid a bad digestion.
Avoid alcohol, milk or pastry with cream.

During navigation, in case of nausea, you have to stay warm to avoid getting cold in the stomach, stomach or hands and head.

To give the body time to get used to the undulation of the sea, avoid going below deck and position yourself in the open air, preferably lying down.

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