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Emanuele Galli

boating license within 12 miles - 2018

unlimited boating license  - 2021

Yatch master offshore RYA - 2023

HACCP manager course - 2018

STWC Courses - 2022

First aid / survival / first aid / firefighting - 2022

Atlantic crossing 2022

Where my story was born

Since I was a child I had my first contact with the water by going fishing in a small boat accompanied by my grandfather... from there the love for sailing was born and the natural outlet was sailing which combines living with the air open respecting its rhythms. I started my first trips as a simple tourist and then moved on to work as a crew and then made the leap to purchasing a boat that I could look after and pamper and which repays me by taking me around the romantic villages of Lake Garda. The silence broken by the waves crashing against the bow, the sun coloring the water red while sailing back to the port, music, aperitif and laughter in the cockpit or landing in a new port, getting off the boat and discovering a country are the aspects I like most about life on a boat.

book cover "I drop everything and cross the ocean" by Emanuele Galli

And this is the book I wrote during the days of crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

He left partly for fun and partly to occupy his time since when you spend a month at sea you have time to read, to think, to admire the stars and the sea but after a while you have to find something to do that we are no longer get used to sitting on your hands and I... I started writing notes, some sheets have flown into the sea and a puffer fish is reading them. The rest of the notes came home with me and I patiently wrote them down and then turned them into a real book where I tell about my life choice that at 50 years old I choose to give up a good job that gives me satisfaction and a good salary to dedicate myself to the sea and to a life closer to nature and that seemed more real to me, even if with a little less money. The largest part of the book is dedicated to the actual crossing born by chance from a contact on Facebook, which saw me embark within a few days with a varied company (a German, a Spaniard, a Lithuanian and a Belarusian girl... almost like in a joke.

And so, in our first experience of crossing the ocean, which is not like crossing from one side of the road to the other, we dive into this undertaking animated by great enthusiasm.

There will be no shortage of problems and the journey will be worth living and telling.

for those who are curious... below is the link to purchase it on Amazon

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