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Afternoon and evening excursion with skipper

Afternoon and evening excursion with skipper


Departure in the early afternoon from the port of  Desenzano, let's raise the sails and start sailing: who will take the helm, who will maneuver or who prefers to be lulled by the waves in total relaxation.
We drop the anchor under the  grottoes of Catullus  for a dip in the turquoise waters of Jamaica beach, we play with the sup, some nice photos and we indulge in an aperitif and some fresh fruit.
Then a little relaxation or a stroll in the streets of  Sirmione  under the castle.
Dinner will be served on the boat and with a glass of wine in our hands we will taste some typical products while admiring the sunset that paints the lake in various shades of red. Each time it is a spectacle that leaves you speechless ...
The return will be no less impressive, we will travel at night, slowly, crossing the lake which has become dark and illuminated only by the stars.

Ps: the price is inclusive of everything, there are no expenses  extra.  On request it is possible to sleep on a boat (moored in the port of Desenzano)

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